Byers Security Consulting has assisted a ranged of businesses and homes in strategizing a security plan. He has guided them through assessing, planning and installation. See what some of his clients have to say.

We can assess your home.

We can assess your home.

He "Cares Passionately"

Anthony Byers cares passionately about the safety of his community and clients. We felt secure in our new neighborhood and trusted our standard, big-name alarm system. Anthony, however, instantly assessed our vulnerabilities and gave my husband a list of improvements to make before traveling for work. He was generous, firm, diplomatic, and culturally sensitive. Nonetheless, my husband procrastinated, and one morning four months later, our home was burglarized while we were running a few, quick errands. Everyone was dismayed, but the method of entry was the exact one Anthony had predicted, and our alarm system’s blind spots were revealed just as he’d anticipated. To our horror, the burglars returned that same night, our neighbor spotting them on our roof, while we slept inside! Anthony rushed over to check on us and walk us through both the immediate and the long-term steps we needed to take in order to feel safe when my husband travels. Anthony also connected us with OPD and our options for making the most of law enforcement resources. Now, when my mother calls from out of state to check on us, she asks, “How is Anthony feeling about the house?” Clearly, he's the gold standard!

Faith Adiele

And help you plan

And help you plan

"An Amazing Asset:

Anthony is an amazing asset to any homeowner. He is a sleuth that can detect any chinks in your armor. He will come to your home and do an in depth study about your security and give you practical and easy solutions. I have personally used Anthony and recommend him highly. His service is priceless - he helps you sleep at night. Thanks Anthony! "

Dale Marie Golden


"My wife and I hired Anthony to consult on our home security and general disaster preparedness about a month ago. As a young family, we were both feeling a bit ill equipped if something were to happen. This was an excellent step for us feeling like we had good information and a solid plan going forward. 
Anthony arrived early to study the neighborhood. He talked at length with us about our concerns and objectives. He was great at listening and he gave us a lot of options for securing the house ranging from minimal to over the top/Fort Knox. He was great. He is very knowledgeable about disaster preparedness as well and his suggestions made us think of the issue in a new way. 
He followed up on our consult with an excellent recap and a clear plan of action to move forward. We still have a lot to do, but his assistance really spurred us into action and we already feel safer and more prepared." 


for your safety and security

for your safety and security

"I can now Breathe easy"

Anthony recently came over to help us make an earthquake plan, even though our house is structurally retrofitted and it wasn't a "big" job for him. He was generous with his time and looked at every room from top to bottom. As parents with a new baby and a two-story house, we weren't sure what to do when the big one hits. We now have a very concrete plan with some easy fixes to make our various safety spots even safer--and he did all of this as part of his "community service" work (i.e. at no cost). Clearly an expert at all things safety, I was happy to find that he was also caring and super easy to communicate with. He addressed all of my concerns and now we have a clear plan of action based on various scenarios. I can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing we are prepared thanks to Anthony. I highly recommend him to make your home and family safer.


Anthony is The Best. I am lucky enough to have him as my neighbor, and his advice on--and referrals for--cameras and security systems has been invaluable. He has also given me excellent input on how to make my house less appealing to bad guys. He even gave a presentation to our neighborhood on simple things to do that are crime deterrents. So very grateful.