FOR YOUR HOME…Or Small Business...

EVERY consultation starts with an interview. Byers Security Consulting learns about your needs and priorities. Anthony brings years of insight and expertise into the discussion.

The Property is toured and examined thoroughly--points of vulnerability are revealed, as well as, observation about the accessibility of the property

A post-tour discussion provides strategies, measures and recommendations for the property to make it safe for your family.  A written report is also available.

Byers Security Consulting recommends products and vendors to provide you with the equipment you need to make your home or business safe. 

Anthony recently came over to help us make an earthquake plan, even though our house is structurally retrofitted and it wasn’t a “big” job for him. He was generous with his time and looked at every room from top to bottom. As parents with a new baby and a two-story house, we weren’t sure what to do when the big one hits. We now have a very concrete plan with some easy fixes to make our various safety spots even safer—and he did all of this as part of his “community service” work (i.e. at no cost). Clearly an expert at all things safety, I was happy to find that he was also caring and super easy to communicate with. He addressed all of my concerns and now we have a clear plan of action based on various scenarios. I can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing we are prepared thanks to Anthony. I highly recommend him to make your home and family safer.